Nature of Commerce, Global

Blockchain Technologist / Tokenization Consultant

WEB3 investor & expert focused in digital NIL rights, smart contract tech & metaverse ventures that leverage the blockchain using NFTs, smart contracts & tokenization

P360.HOCKEY – Co-Founder / CEO

P360 is bringing NHL players to the metaverse. An online platform that connects players and fan communities directly through streaming video content, dynamic NFTs, blockchain gaming, VR experiences, collectibles & merch – Founder / Investor helps global enterprises form on-chain & off-chain legal entities & DAOs through simple browser based interface

Wholesome Linen LLC, Denver USA

Co-Founder / Operator

Direct-to-consumer brands that design, manufacture, market & fulfill premium all-natural bedding products made from sustainable raw materials

Peak Venture Partners LP, NYC USA

Senior Investment Officer

Private Equity firm with $1.2B+ in wealth generated from investments in real estate, CPG, technology, media, & fintech

Key Capital Partners, Dubai UAE

Investment Advisor / Management Consultant

Cross-border, entrepreneur-led advisory firm investing in high-growth industries & emerging markets

Symstream Technology Group, Melbourne AU

VP Communications / Business Development

Wireless modem provider enabling banks to offer micro-banking services to rural populations with GSM connectivity

Synthe Inc, Edmonton CA

Partner / Business Development

Web development & design agency based in Edmonton offering client services for all backend database programming & frontend user interfaces

Crypto For Startups

Andreessen Horowitz / A16z Crypto Startup School

Blockchain Revolution

INSEAD Online / Blockchain Research Institute

Digital Media Production Diploma 

Guru Digital Arts College – Edmonton, AB, Canada

Foundation Year, Fine Arts 

Alberta College of Art and Design – Calgary, AB, Canada

Faculty of Business, Marketing (degree not completed)

University of Alberta – Edmonton, AB, Canadas

Volunteered for 6 month on the ground in Ireland & Pakistan working in the human rights sectors & social development with Front Line Defenders Human Development Foundation respectively

Support HDF Canada in all web development and Google Ads activities, managing all online fundraising activities for projects listed on

Enabled the successful launch of a nationally distributed beverage Street Kings in partnership with celebrity “50 Cent” with UN to feed 1B children in Africa

Served as project manager for, a celebrity charity auction website that generated over 4M which was launched in association with Fergie & Black Eyed Peas


ECommerce / ERP / CRM / Marketing Automation / SEO / PPC / API / Feed Management / Analytics & Segmentation / Data Visualization / Blockchain & WEB3 / NFTs & Smart Contracts


Agile / Lean Startup / Design Thinking  / Product – Market Fit / Launch Strategy / Inventory Management / Fulfillment Network / Supply Chain / User Feedback / Omnichannel Sales / Customer Acquisition


Branding / Visual Design / User Interface / Multimedia Production / PR / Influencer Management / Crisis Management / Social Media / Storytelling


Startup Capitalization / Equity Structure / Deal Sourcing / Due Dilligance / Negotiations / Legal Management / Regulatory Standards / Partnership Management / Growth Strategy / Followup Reporting

Adobe CS / MS Office / Google Suite / Shopify / WordPress / Jira / Asana / Slack / Discord / Telegram / Trello / Solidity / Remix / React / Java

English (Native) / French (Fluent) / Urdu & Hindi (Fluent) / Russian (Beginner)

Born In Canada