Kutaisi International University

Adjunct Professor in Blockchain + Cryptography under the Department of Computer Sciences

in February 2024 Zeshan embarked in establishing and teaching the  first course on Blockchain + Cryptography at Georgia’s top Technical Institute. KIU was established through a 1 Billion dollar grant from Cartu Foundation as the premiere technical institute in the country of Georgia. Kutaisi International University is developed through strategic partnership with Technical University of Munich (TUM). Cooperation’s scope includes academic and research programs as well as in its organizational structure and development plan. In 2020, TUM has opened an office in Georgia to further strengthen and support its partnership with Kutaisi International University.

Nature of Commerce

Incubator & Launchpad for Emerging Tech + Blockchain Consultancy

WEB3 investor & expert focused in digital Name Image & Likeness (NIL) rights, smart contract tech & Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that leverages the blockchain using NFTs, smart contracts, tokenization & governance.

FAN CITY LIMITED- Platform Architect / Founder

Fan City Limited presents Puck.City: TECHNICAL WHITEPAPER

Fan City is building a next generation player fan engagement and DeFi platform where sports fans can own a piece of home teams success.

After completing OUTLIER VENTURES program in Q4 ’22 known to be the worlds leading WEB3 accelerators. Zeshan presented prior iteration and was also chosen as a global finalist for Coindesk Consensus Pitchfest in 2023. The company was recently chosen to be included in the Chainlink Build program where Fan City can leverage best in breed oracle and cross chain technology expertise while also being promoted through Chainlinks ecosystem.


HAZEL🤎 – Game Developer / Founder

Hazel Hearts: GAME DESIGN DOCUMENT, developed under BUILDSPACE Nights & Weekends, is a web3-based multiplayer hazelnut farming simulation promoting sustainable farming education. By Q1 2023, it launched 1000 unique generative NFTs via POLYGON and implemented a DAO protocol layer through ARAGON and grown to 2000 monthly users in its first 3 months

Players engage in quests via DISCORD and, with the opportunity to transition from in-game rewards to DAO memberships, sharing real-world hazelnut farming profits from farms verified on the blockchain. This venture stands out with its advanced farming simulation, multiplayer features, and a token-driven rewards economy, offering both an engaging gaming experience and real-world value.


EYECERCISE.COM – Product Designer / Founder


The Eyecercise app is a pioneering application designed for Apple VisionOS and currently porting to Meta Quest 3. The VR/AR app gives early tech adopters an interactive eye exercises to improve eye health, alleviate eye strain, and address vision decay in the screen addicted aging population. With a freemium model and a paid premium version, the app leverages augmented reality (AR) and VisionOS’s capabilities to provide an engaging user experience. 

The Eyecercise app represents a significant advancement in digital eye care, providing interactive exercises tailored to modern needs and addressing vision decay in the aging population. By integrating cutting-edge technology and focusing on user engagement, it offers a novel approach to eye health. The freemium model, offering a free widget and a premium version with additional exercises, presents a strategic monetization approach that balances accessibility and revenue generation.


Wholesome Linen LLC, Denver USA

Wholesome Linen

Co-Founder / Operator

Direct-to-consumer brands that design, manufacture, market & fulfill premium all-natural bedding products made from sustainable raw materials

Peak Venture Partners LP, NYC USA

Senior Investment Officer

Private Equity firm with $1.2B+ in wealth generated from investments in real estate, CPG, technology, media, & fintech

Key Capital Partners, Dubai UAE

Management Consultant

Software Architecture for UAE primary B2C Property Developer Website + First Ever Digitization of Land Titles Records & Online Real Estate Transactions

Symstream Technology Group, Melbourne AU

VP Communications / Business Development

Wireless modem provider enabling banks to offer micro-banking services to rural populations with GSM connectivity

Synthe Inc, Edmonton CA

Partner / Business Development

Web development & design agency based in Edmonton offering client services for all backend database programming & frontend user interfaces


Outlier Ventures –  Hedera Hashgraph Q4 ’22
Buildspace – NWS2 & S3
Crypto For Startups – Andreessen Horowitz / A16z Crypto Startup School
Blockchain Revolution – INSEAD Online / Blockchain Research Institute

Digital Media Production Diploma 

Guru Digital Arts College – Edmonton, AB, Canada

Foundation Year, Fine Arts 

Alberta College of Art and Design – Calgary, AB, Canada

Faculty of Business, Marketing (degree not completed)

University of Alberta – Edmonton, AB, Canada

Volunteer Work in Ireland & Pakistan: Dedicated 6 months on the ground working in the human rights sectors and social development with Front Line Defenders and Human Development Foundation respectively. Contributed to project advancements and community engagement in both regions.
Support for HDF Canada: Provided extensive web development and Google Ads support for HDF Canada, managing all online fundraising activities for projects listed on, significantly boosting online donations and project funding.
Street Kings (SK) Beverage Launch: Partnered with celebrity “50 Cent” and the UN to launch a nationally distributed beverage, Street Kings, with a mission to feed 1 billion children in Africa. The initiative garnered substantial media attention and contributed to hunger alleviation efforts.
Project Manager for Oversaw the launch of a celebrity charity auction website, generating over $4 million in association with Fergie & Black Eyed Peas. The funds raised significantly benefited various charitable causes and highlighted the potential of celebrity partnerships in philanthropy.


ECommerce / ERP / CRM / Marketing Automation / SEO / PPC / API / Feed Management / Analytics & Segmentation / Data Visualization / Blockchain & WEB3 / NFTs & Smart Contracts


Agile / Lean Startup / Design Thinking  / Product – Market Fit / Launch Strategy / Inventory Management / Fulfillment Network / Supply Chain / User Feedback / Omnichannel Sales / Customer Acquisition / Rewards / Loyalty Program Design


Branding / Visual Design / User Interface / Multimedia Production / PR / Influencer Management / Crisis Management / Social Media / Storytelling


Startup Capitalization / Equity Structure / Deal Sourcing / Due Dilligence / Negotiations / Legal Management / Regulatory Standards / Partnership Management / Growth Strategy / Followup Reporting

MS Office / Google Suite / Adobe CS / Final Cut Pro / Figma

WordPress / Shopify Liquid

Unity & Phaser

React / node.js

AWS / Google Cloud

Solidity / Remix / web3.js / web3auth & oauth

Jira / Asana / Trello / Slack / Discord / Telegram / Whatsapp Business

machination / cadcad

OpenAI / Bard / MidJourney / Runway / Poe

English (Native) / French (Fluent) / Urdu & Hindi (Fluent) / Russian (Beginner)